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Independent allergy and intolerance specialist since 2000


I specialise in allergy and intolerance testing and use non-intrusive testing techniques to help bring relief to my clients. I offer a variety of affordable and easy tests lasting between 1 and 1.5 hours, to get to the root of the problem. I also offer vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acids deficiency testing. 

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MORA testing technique

MORA testing is a technique which uses the body’s electro-magnetic energy field to discover hidden health problems. The MORA machine is an electro-acupuncture device, it measures energy and does not pass an electrical current through the body. It uses the ancient Eastern acupuncture points known as meridians, by pressing upon these points you can obtain a reading of energy. The reading obtained on the MORA machine is achieved by the client holding a metal cylinder, known as an electrode, which is connected to the MORA machine via a wire. The energy circuit is made whole by the practitioner pressing a pen-like probe, which is also connected to the MORA machine via a wire, against a meridian point on either the finger or toe. 

The testing of substances is done so by using small glass vials of homoeopathically diluted forms of additives, dusts, essential fatty acids, foods, furs, herbs, minerals, pollens, spices and vitamins. The vials are placed into the energy circuit by being put upon a metal plate within the MORA machine. The results of the testing can be seen instantly on the dial of the machine.

 Before testing begins, clients are asked to complete a questionnaire regarding diet, lifestyle, symptoms, past and present medical conditions and medications. Any medical Illness or symptoms must have been checked and dealt with by a doctor first. The technique is pain free, no blood is taken and no needles are used. The MORA test results are not a medical diagnosis.


Full Test

I test for allergy / intolerance, vitamin, mineral & essential fatty acid deficiency

1 hour 30 minutes


Allergy / Intolerance Test

I test for allergy and intolerance only

1 hour 30 minutes


Deficiency Test

I test for vitamin, mineral & essential fatty acids deficiency only

1 Hour



I re-test only the substances that triggered in your first test - this test can only be carried out if booked within one year of your initial test  

1 Hour 30 Minutes


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Jennifer Stratten is the founder of AllerJen allergy testing solutions

About Jennifer Stratten

Jennifer started training using the MORA testing technique in 1997 and completed it in 1999. In this time, she shadowed a fellow allergy and intolerance testing therapist, practicing and perfecting her technique. 

Since June 2000, she has worked independently within clinics throughout the South East of England. Presently Jennifer is practicing from her home in Wadhurst, East Sussex and also at Willows Osteophathic and Integrated Health, Rainham.


Sheila Crystal

I went to Jennifer for a food intolerance test as I was suffering from upset tummy, skin problems and not sleeping well. My results showed intolerance to milk, beef and caffeine. On Jennifer’s advice I avoided these foods and took the suggested supplements. I am now so much better. No tummy or skin problems and sleeping well. I cannot thank this very friendly lady enough and would thoroughly recommend her.'

Andrei Cotiga

I would recommend Jennifer to everyone. I was in a really bad situation with my health, going to A&E and calling the ambulance at least 2 times per week. The last time I phoned an ambulance, the really nice crew members recommended Jennifer to me. The next day I phoned Jennifer and she arranged an appointment for me. After the test I was surprised to find out that my body couldn’t tolerate dairy anymore, plus sensitivities to soya, monosodium glutamate and pistachio nuts. After the very first day I have excluded the above from my diet and started to feel like a new person. I can’t thank Jennifer enough for her help.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, please be reassured that I have extra procedures in place, regarding keeping my clients and myself as safe as possible during appointments:

  • Clients will be asked to use hand sanitiser on entering and I shall do the same.
  • I will be taking the temperature of all clients prior to the start of the appointment, with a touch-free forehead scanner thermometer. 
  • I will be wearing a disposable face-mask/face-shield and I will require my clients to also wear a face-mask.
  • After every appointment I will use disposable Dettol wipes to clean testing equipment and the surfaces both myself and my client touch during the appointment.
  • Due to the technique of testing, the use of gloves is not possible. With this in mind, hand washing for myself and my client directly after completing the testing will be carried out.


Appointments available Monday to Saturday, please email or call to make arrangements for a suitable date and time for an appointment