My Journey

In this blog I share a little bit more about my journey to becoming an allergy and intolerance specialist

My story…

I have always had a real interest in helping people and as a child I remember saying I wanted to be a nurse or midwife!

While I studied A Levels at college, I worked part-time in a local health food shop. Having taken human biology, my knowledge of the human body grew. From here my desire to help and heal, coupled with a better understanding of how the human body has the ability to heal itself, ignited a passion to start working within the complementary therapy field.

After completing my exams, I secured a job with Peter Collins, a fellow therapist using the VEGA technique for allergy and intolerance testing. He took me on as a trainee and allowed me to shadow him, while I simultaneously took a basic certificate in VEGA testing. Throughout the next two years I perfected my testing technique, widening my knowledge in nutrition and diet and took an advanced certificate in VEGA testing.

In June 2000, I set up my own business and since then have tested throughout the South-East of England in various health food shops. The shop I had the longest partnership with was – The Health House in Chatham, Kent. I worked there from the very start, back in 1997 until December 2019, when the shop and accompanying clinic rooms sadly closed down.

I presently work from home in Wadhurst, East Sussex and will soon be starting work within Willows Osteopathic and Integrated Health, Rainham, Kent. I am very pleased to be able to offer an alternative practice, to my long-standing and loyal client base in Medway, North-Kent.